Ref360 Features

Detailed Data Capture

Evaluators enter game data online in a user-friendly interface to capture each referee decision in detail.

The level of detail and format of data are customized to meet the needs of each league

Flexible Reporting

Segal works with league experts to develop customized reports and analyses.

Feedback Loop

Structured game evaluation allows for comprehensive performance review.

Referees see decision-level data that highlights poor performance and reinforces best practices.

Sample Referee Interaction

Program Design

In designing evaluation programs, each league has a unique set of challenges.

Evaluation systems can be simple (e.g., one layer of review) or more complex (e.g., multiple layers/entry points)

Segal works with leagues to determine the best approach and assists in designing the program that best meets each situation

Evaluation Home Screen

Ref360 Tiers

Choose the level of officiating evaluation and analytics that’s just right for you.

Ref360 offers various levels of service to meet the needs of your officiating program. Whether you choose a basic software system that tracks key officiating decisions, select a more customized module that is more specific to your league, or opt for a fully comprehensive version that includes in-depth analytics, Ref360 can add great value to your officiating program. See the chart below for details on the various Tiers.

Features Varsity Collegiate Pro
Ref360 Evaluation Module
   On-Demand Reports
   Multiple Access Levels
   Ongoing Support
   User Training
Customized System  
Automatic Data Feed
Multilayered Evaluation Process
Referee Interaction
In Depth Analytics Reports
Video Integration


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