How Effective Is Your
Referee Evaluation Program?

Ref360 is used by leagues to assess the performance of
referees on a call-by-call basis to improve training,
enhance development, and demonstrate accountability.


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What Is Ref360?

  • Ref360 is the premier Officiating Evaluation Program used by officiating programs worldwide. Ref360 is a user-friendly, web-based tool that allows you to easily and efficiently track, monitor and assess your officials’ performance; customize the level of evaluation and analytics that is just right for your organization.
  • Leagues collect and input information on each decision made/missed during games, including information on the decision type, accuracy, and related commentary.
  • Ref360 includes a customized, web-based tool that can integrate with league software, data and video. It includes user-friendly input screens as well as detailed and easy-to-understand statistical analyses.
  • Ref360 provides a safe and secure system with multiple permission levels available that allows access, reports, and data to be limited to different groups of users.
  • By utilizing Ref360, leagues can draw meaningful conclusions on game information relating to referees, both on a group basis and on an individual referee basis.

Why Use Ref360?

Interest in sports worldwide is at an all-time high

  • There is an increasing population consuming in-person, on television and through all types of digital media
  • This has raised the scrutiny that sports receive, especially in officiating

Officials are held to the highest standards by fans, players, teams, and the media

As a result, leagues must leverage the best available tools and information to monitor, assess and train their referees, on the path to continuous improvement

Ref360 is the premier Referee evaluation program

How Does Ref360 Work?

  • Available game data is automatically uploaded into Ref360 after games are complete. League evaluators cycle through game events, utilizing an easy-to-use web based interface, allowing them to focus their efforts on evaluation
  • The evaluator performs this in conjunction with available video, which can be linked with Ref360 to streamline the process
  • If desired, once a preliminary review is complete, the information and commentary can be viewed (and commented on) by the referees
  • Once data is finalized, online reports are updated for management to view key statistics
  • Periodically, Segal takes a deeper dive into the available data and presents a comprehensive analysis of trends, patterns and key findings
* Hot topics analysis includes items such as impact of key errors, team or other bias, and gambling analysis.

What Is the Value of Ref360?

Ref360 will allow your league to:

  • Understand the decision profiles of Referees, which can help:
    • Focus training measures to enhance accuracy and consistency
    • Identify, understand and address differences in referees’ performance
    • Identify and/or evaluate points of emphasis
    • Provide useful information to assess the impact of rule changes
    • Assist in defending leagues against potential criticism from players, owners, and the media
  • Increase the accountability of officials which will lead to more consistent and accurate refereeing
  • Allow for a highly transparent and effective method for evaluating referees, leading directly to improved performance

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